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  The Royal Thai Air Force Museum was set up in 1952 with the purpose of collecting and restoring defense articles of different periods, including equipments and aircraft in use during the early period of Thai aviation history up to the present.

Hours of Operation:
    -Weekdays/Weekends, 8 a.m.to 4 p.m.(Except public holidays)
    - For special group tour.

Regulation for Visiting:
    - Admission is free during hours of operation.
    - For special group tour, please apply for permission approximately one week in advance. For more details, please contact Tel.0 2534 1853 during office hours.

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Regulations for Visiting RTAF Museum
   1. Boxes, packages or other similar items are not allowed inside the museum.
   2. Do not touch or handle any objects on display in the musuem especially unsafe items.
   3. Do not cause disturbance to other visitors.
   4. Do not smoke in exhibition buildings.
   5. Do not photograph exhibition objects without permission.
   6. For more information, please contct information officer or Tel.0 2534 1853.

Exhibition Buildings
Building 1: Thai aviation history, aircraft flown by RTAF after WW2, aircraft designed and built by Thais.
Building 2: Aircraft rarely found anywhere else, temporary exhibition.
Building 3: Aircraft used during anti-communism campaign.
Building 4: Collection of various kinds of museum items.
Building 5: Helicopters , last propeller fighter flown by RTAF.
Outdoor Display: Jet fighters, transport aircraft, trainers, radars and so on.

90 Years of Air Power, Royal Thai Air Force

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